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Automotive Blasting Services

Stop wasting countless hours sanding, scraping and grinding. We can strip a car in a fraction of that time. With our automotive blasting services we can remove paint, primer, rust and body filler in just one step. And we do it with our dustless technology.

Car blasting services half way completed
Automotive blasting services on a pickup truck

Prevent Flash Rusting

We can safely and efficiently remove years of caked on paint and corrosion with no warping to your product. Our automotive blasting services technique and rust inhibitor prevents flash rusting for up to 72 hours providing ample time to complete your project.

Our automotive dustless blasting services work on a range of surfaces including car bodies and panels, frames, wheels, trucks, fleet vehicles, semi trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment.

We pride ourselves on understanding that surface preparation takes time, expertise, and the right equipment to do it properly.

Your satisfaction is our biggest concern. Let us provide you with the professional results you are paying for.

Automotive Blasting Services


Paint & Epoxy

This process removes paint, primer, rust and and corrosion in just one step.

Rust & Carrosion

Our process safely and efficiently removes years of caked on corrosion with no warping to your product.

Grease & Grime

Our blasting can be adjusted to remove grease and grime from various surfaces.

Chrome Removal

We can set up our blasting to remove chrome with our automotive blasting services.

Our automotive dustless blasting reduces friction and prevents heat, reducing the risk of warping like there is in sandblasting. It is a faster, cleaner and greener way of paint stripping.

We provide our automotive blasting services on location in and around Stanly County. Give us a call and we will schedule an appointment to come to the site of your vehicle and do our automotive dustless blasting.

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